Friday, May 11, 2007

It's the kitty pi high

My aunt asked me to knit a kitty pi for one cat of hers, Becky! Becky is a little special. She'd take a short bus if she were a person. She just ain't right. Of course, with a real name like Steinbeck (not Rebecca), you'd be weird too. Her loved her kitty pi...Her loved it!

Also, she gave me a cat toy that her daughter's girl scout troop whipped up for one of the local no-kill Cat Welfare places. They took stray socks, stuffed them with a mix of fiberfill and catnip. It's like you just stuff some fill, then catnip, and fill, and catnip, til it's full! Then you stitch the end shut. My cats LOVE it...She saved them one since I made her the kitty pi for Becky. They've been laying on it since I brought it in the door a half hour ago. Goofballs.

1 comment:

Monica said...

That second shot of your cat is great! hahah. I made up a pattern to knit my cat a snake and only stuffed it with fibrefill, I should have put a bit of catnip it!!