Friday, November 17, 2006

Let the Christmas knitting begin!

So I've got this red merino thing going on. I'm working on a scarf for my mom, but I picked up smaller yardage balls than I thought I had, so I'm waiting on the other 2 balls to arrive to finish up the feather and fan pattern. Yes, I know there's booboo's in it where I put in extra k or p rows. Do I care? Not really. It's my first time doing this pattern, and I'm under a deadline, as well as it's HAND MADE! Doo doo happens, peeps... Here's mom's in Tahki Torino Bulky in color # 225. It is THE softest merino I've ever touched. It doesn't feel skritchy skretchy at all. I will definitely use it again!

Here's one that's the top secret project for my husband. He is a BIG TIME Ohio State fan (GO BUCKS! BEAT MICHIGAN!), so I'm doing this basketweave in secret. He isn't a scarf wearer all the time, but I want to make him ONE nice project in my lifetime, and this one is his. It matches his OSU jacket, and it's 1824 merino wool. The 1824 has a BEAUTIFUL sheen to it. It stands out from across the yarn shop, seriously. It's not too rough, but a but less soft than the Torino. Ah well, I'm the one with the wool sensitivity, not him, and I can manage to get through it without too much of an issue. It's very pretty I think! And a brainless pattern...
Lemme know what you all think! I know, the red is a dominant color for me this year. I have already managed to thrift shop about 4 red sweaters for myself.

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Lisa said...

I love your pattern, I would like to try it as well, could you tell me what size needles you are using, also I'm not good with patterns, do I cast on then knit a row, then start on my pearl row with ur pattern: k5, P5 ect. then is the next row just a knit??
thanks for your help, I have 2 scarfs to make for x-mas.... Lisa-