Friday, January 12, 2007

Whaaaaat? I'm updating?

Well I figured it's been WAY too long since I've paid attention to this neglected thing, so I'll tell you what's up! I ended up frogging my mom's original scarf bc I kept flipping rs and ws on the pattern, so it ended up being an arrowhead lace pattern instead.

Michael's scarf is done, and he likes it, but doesn't wear it, so I may end up stealing it.

What else...Hmmm...Alex's mittens in GGH Cortina are through. Roomy, but done. I am just glad to be done with the stupid things.

I threw some more GGH Cortina on the needles today for some ez stockinette wristlets for the mail lady. She is really good to us, and brings us lots of good stuff in the mail often. I'm just making squares essentially and seaming them up the side with a hole for her thumb. She'll like them I know already.

What else is going on...hmmm...I have 4 houses in contract, and I'm working on a 5th one. I am SO relieved that the slow market is finally letting up a bit. It's been a VERY rough fall.

I am going shopping later on for my swap on Knitters Review pal! Aside from that, that's about it. We went to Barnes and Noble this morning, and Alex played with the trains (not that we haven't got our own train table here at the house for crying out loud). No other kids were there though, so we came on home after an hour.

All righty, enough yap yap yap...I'll post more soon!

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Jessica said...

Hi! I saw your post on the KR forums and thought I'd say hello. I live in Columbus too. I started a group on Vox for Columbus knitters to try to find some sort of community here. Knit Columbus