Thursday, June 21, 2007

I haven't updated in about forever. I figure I will. I still have NO clue how to make buttons into actual links. No idea. I wish I did, but I don't, so moving on...I've been knitting up a storm as of late.

Doing a one skein belt of Noro Silk Garden Lite. I cast on 20 stitches on US 9's, did a mitered square (knit 8, k2tog, k2tog, knit 8, next row and all even rows, knit. Every row, you'll knit one less stitch before, and one less stitch after the k2tog x2. Once you get to 4 stitches, k2tog twice, then turn, and k2tog once, so you have one stitch. Then you pick up 10 stitches, making 11 total, then cast on with backwards loop 11 more stitches, until you have 22. Take these 22, k2tog, knit 19, then k2tog again. This will be the end of the set up row, now do the pattern like above. EASY!) , and kept adding on mitered squares. It's turning out pretty cool since it changes colors. Not sure exactly how many pounds of thistle was in this ball, but sure seems like a LOT!

I've also been working on a garter feather and fan baby blanket for a friend of ours. It's in Plymouth Encore bulky, chunky, whatever. It's going pretty quickly, but it's been 90+ degrees every day. It's a bit hot for it, and the baby sure won't need it immediately. Not in steamy KC, MO at least!

I'm also half heartedly working on decreasing a 2nd sock gusset as well. I just am not that into it lately. Who knows why. I owe my mom a pair of socks too, so maybe I need to get THIS one done, and move onto hers. Yeah...right...getting RIGHT on that...

Off to do more mitering. I feel like Bob Vila!

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