Saturday, June 23, 2007


I am so stinking tired it's not funny. I started cleaning up the house today about 1030, and we left for dinner about 530. I am so whipped it's a joke. It's not like the house was that filthy or whatever, but we have a small house packed with stuff, and we also have done a ton of laundry in the past few days, so I had all of it to put away as well. Did I mention it's a 2 story with a basement laundry? Yeah, that's a good time. Haul it all down (no laundry chute in our house...why would you want to make it easy on people architects?!), then wait around for it to do it's washing and drying, then haul it all back up. I put away 7 baskets all together. Michael was in a class all day, so it was Alex and I, all on our own. Alex was good ALL day though, and that certainly made it easier...Ok, I am off to pass out. Oh yeah, I did work a bit more on my Noro scarf, and have only about 3 colors left in the famous colorways (all greens), but I'm too tired to work on it any more today. I only got a couple of squares done. I'll finish it tomorrow so I can wear it to Alex's belated birthday party tomorrow evening. Yay!


Courtney said...

If I had a two story house I would want the laundry room upstairs, but then you can look at it as a good thing, you get your daily exercise :-)

zippiknits said...

Ah, basements. Well, they have their good and their bad points, and one of the bad ones is 7 loads of laundry up and down the stairs. Is there anyway you could install a chute? Maybe a naughtical themed one, with a bent-headed opening? Hehe