Friday, August 31, 2007

Have you ever personally moved a yarn shop?

Oh my...That is ALL I can say. My friend Joyce owns a yarn shop, and we just moved the ENTIRE thing down 3 doors yesterday. We were all volunteering to help, so I made my husband and 4 year old son help as well. Joyce wasn't planning on moving it all in one day, and planned on packing and unpacking all the yarn I think. Well, when you have two auctioneers who move peoples stuff for a living, all you need is a two wheeled dolly, a furniture dolly, and some Motrin. Did I mention the Motrin? YEAH boy. We tossed the bookcases storing yarn on the two wheeler and hauled them all downt here, as well as the unenclosed stuff onto the flat dolly, and away we went. Alex moved ALL of the toys himself too. He was QUITE proud. He brought 2 wagons to help he and his grown up friends move things too. All in all, it was a great day! Today I went over to help move and straighten yarn wherever it had strayed off. We had QUITE a few orphaned spools run off into the parking lot while moving stuff. It was NUTS! We were chasing them through the parking lot. HILARIOUS!

I also managed to put a boatload (read I hate doing laundry when I tell you a large amount 2 posts in a row) of laundry away, about 5 baskets! Then I cleaned Alex's room, went through toys, and clothes and had to pass out after it all. I think I'm going to go chill now and watch this 13 going on 30 movie on cable. And for tomorrow...GO BUCKS!

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Monica Silva said...

Generous of you to help your friend. What's your current knitting project? Started knitting your holiday gifts yet?